Pet Food Storage Tips

Our pets are also part of our families. They too ought to have good and fresh food. But how do you know that the container you use for storing your fluffy friend’s food is appropriate and safe? Only buying food online is not enough. It’s also very important that you know the right way to preserve and store your dog’s food in order to prevent regretful consequences in future. Regarding it, there are certain things that all pet owners should consider.

These small things can save your fury mate from many harmful diseases caused by improper storing of food. Here are some tips to help you out;dog food

Store Dry Food in Sealed Bags

When you are storing dry pet food, make sure you store it in sealed bags. Nobody likes a damaged food, not even your pet will. Keep in mind that the nutritional value of every sealed food expires after six weeks of post opening the seal. Note down the date and keep track. Throw away the remaining if the mentioned period is exceeded. Never go for pet foods with artificial preservatives. They may promise long durability, but the health of your dog will be immensely affected.

Always Use Airtight Containers

When storing the food, always use a container that is airtight. Let the dog food be in its original pouch, but keep the food within the pouch in the container. Storing the dog food in a proper container protects it from humidity and oxygen. There are also some high-end brands that provide dog food in bags crafted from some petroleum products that keep the food protected from oxygen and moisture.

Always squeeze out the air from bag and reseal it after feeding your fury mate. Don’t store the food directly in the container, out of its bag. Some rancid layers might form at the bottom of the container due to oil or fats. This can spoil the food and affect your dog’s health.

Store in Appropriate Temperature

Pet foods from some brands require special storage techniques. Usually dog foods must be stored in cool temperature that is below 70°F. Humidity in the atmosphere must be less than 15%. Avoid storing the dog food at dump and moist areas. The food must also not be exposed to direct sunlight. If you are storing your pet treats in refrigerator, make sure that it’s not affected by moisture. To prevent moisture you can use vacuum sealer to seal the packet.

Keep the Container Clean

The container must be cleaned periodically. Wash the container with hot water and some safe cleaning agents. If you are feeding canned food to your dog, the food should be stored in refrigerator only 3 days at the most. Don’t ever exceed the period by any means. Always store the wet dog food in airtight containers. Canned food must be always kept away from moisture and the date of expiry should not be exceeded.


Surely you love your furry friend. It’s your responsibility to keep it safe and healthy. They can’t express and demand like we do. Your pet also deserves good food. If you follow these simple tips, your furry friend will be happy and safe always.


Save Money with Quality Vacuum Sealer Rolls

Vacuum sealers can now be found wherever a distinctive packing and storage technique is needed to preserve food and various other assets. Whether for home or a grocery store, it’s the ultimate tool for all your sealing purposes. With vacuum sealers you can now seal foods, clothes and all other items that you want to preserve for long, in a more efficient manner. Not only having the best vacuum sealer is important, but you must as well use a good sealing material. For example, you can find varieties of sealing bags available at the market, which are highly on demand now-a-days.

Having appropriate vacuum sealing bags is necessary as in most cases the bags aren’t reusable. In some way, buying vacuum sealer roll is a better option. It’s very good money saving sealing accessory as you won’t have to buy bags of different sizes. Let me give you a few ideas how you can reduce your expenses by buying vacuum sealer rollsvacuum salers

Invest in Bulk

Buying in bulk is the most effective way of saving money when you are buying vacuum sealing bags. Varieties of vacuum sealer rolls are now available at wholesale stores. Wholesale rates are comparatively lower than that of any standard store. When you buy things in bulk, you can get huge discounts. Buying more quantities at a time not only saves your money, but also saves time and labor. This way you won’t have to go to the store repetitively, wasting time looking for the same articles.

Also, if you buy rolls you won’t need special equipment to store those, unlike in some of the ready-made vacuum sealing bags. Again, expenses of sheets will be much lower than buying vacuum bags in bulk.

Choose Quality Rolls

No matter how much advanced and expensive sealing device you have, the preservation quality mostly depends on the quality of the bag or sheet you use. You must never compromise the quality of the vacuum sealing bags or rolls you purchase.vacuum sealer bag

When you are using a sheet, the sealing has to be done from all the sides, and if the quality of the sheet isn’t precise and strong, it won’t be able to withstand the various packaging processes used by the sealer. In many cases even if the sealing is done perfectly, the items don’t last as expected. So make sure that the sheet is of high quality in order to bring the best out of your vacuum sealer.

Buy Only Approved Products

With money, you must also to focus on health. Unfortunately, not all expensive vacuum sealing sheets are of highest quality. Always buy a product that has been approved by FDA. The FDA approved vacuum sealing rolls are of food grade and non-toxic. The foods or items will be sealed in the bags for long periods, and are obvious to be affected.  If the sheets are not safe, it can bring great impact on your health that can lead to fatal consequences.

The quote ‘prevention is better than cure’ is profoundly applicable to this condition. Sheets with mesh lining are mostly recommended for sealing garments or other items rather than food. Buy only the vacuum sealer sheets that are compatible with your vacuum sealing system. It would be a waste of money and time buying something that can’t be used.


Little things in life can bring big changes, and so can your selection of certain things. With the right vacuum sealer rolls, your sealing can be perfect. You can definitely save some money if you follow the ideas mentioned above. Buy the best and make best out of it, in the most inexpensive way!

Factors to Consider Before the Purchase of a Best Vacuum Sealer

Let’s face it: the amount of food that ends up in the trash cans on a single routine day in the house is too much to be proud of. If you talk in monetary terms, that is excess money spent on food, which shouldn’t have to be if so much food was not being wasted. This is where a best vacuum sealer comes in extremely useful. This equipment enables you to store food in such a way that it does not spoil for longer periods of time and helps you curtail the wastage of food items by a long margin. Consequently, you save money on food too. However, when you actually go out to purchase such a machine, you will have to be very careful as to what model you should buy. It should be the one that serves your needs most effectively. Following are some factors you need to consider before buying a food sealer:vacuum saler

Kinds of Food Items

The most important factor to consider is the kind of food items you will be placing inside the sealer bag. Different varieties of best vacuum sealers are available for wet items and dry items. Furthermore, if you think that you will be extracting items from the plastic bag repeatedly, that is the bag will be opened quite often, then machines with zip lock bags will be more effective. Similarly, there are also different varieties of vacuum sealers if you want to cook sous vide meat. For this style of cooking, you need something that will constantly monitor the air in the bag and ensure perfect cooking of the meat. [Read more…]